Event Management: Popshap's Digital Signage Solutions at Manifest 2024


At Popshap, we always enjoy providing top-notch digital signage solutions, and this year at Manifest 2024 was no exception. Our team took on the challenge of managing the show while also delivering tailored digital signage solutions to three other companies: BringOz, Arcbest, and Ontrac. For Arcbest, in collaboration with our partner Skyline, we crafted a stunning booth design complemented by a large LED wall, creating a captivating visual experience that drew in visitors. This integration of digital signage with booth design was a strategic move to maximize brand visibility and engagement, showcasing our expertise in seamless event execution and digital innovation.


Moreover, our digital prowess extended beyond Arcbest, as we provided comprehensive show management services with a suite of 43-inch standing touchscreen kiosks. These kiosks featured dynamic digital wayfinding, agenda details, speaker information, and real-time show updates, ensuring attendees had access to crucial event information at their fingertips. This seamless integration of technology not only enhanced attendee experience but also showcased the power of digital signage in transforming event management processes, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.


Lastly, our partnership with BringOz and Ontrac exemplified our versatility in catering to diverse needs. For BringOz, we deployed a 49-inch touchscreen table along with five connected LED posters, providing a captivating platform to showcase branded videos and other engaging content. On the other hand, our digital signage solutions for Ontrac included two 32-inch table kiosks featuring branded vinyl logos, contributing to a cohesive brand presence and enhancing customer interactions. These tailored solutions underscore our ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring our clients stand out in their respective industries with impactful digital experiences.