Exhibitor Live Digital Signage Solutions

February 27 - 28, 2024. Nashville, TN


Popshap collaborated with various exhibitors at Exhibitor Live, including Skyline Displays, The Exhibitor Advocate, OnLocation, Estes Forwarding Worldwide, and FERN. Each exhibitor received specialized digital signage solutions to elevate their presence at the event.


Skyline Displays benefited from 60 LED video wall panels across two setups: a 3x4 configuration with 12 panels and a 6x8 configuration with 48 panels, amplifying their booth's impact. The Exhibitor Advocate received custom software along with a 43-inch touchscreen table and LED posters, facilitating attendee sign-ups and feedback collection through interactive elements.


OnLocation leveraged custom software with a 43-inch touchscreen table kiosk and integrated a leaderboard system for their interactive game, enhancing engagement and competition. Estes Forwarding Worldwide and FERN also utilized 43-inch and 55-inch touchscreen kiosks, respectively, with tailored software solutions to meet their specific goals. Exhibitor Live demonstrated the effectiveness of digital signage and custom software in enhancing exhibitor engagement, data collection, and overall event impact.