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Allied Physicians Group asked us to help out at their fundraising event, and their networking event afterward in the Garden City Hotel.  They wanted a beautiful 49" touch kiosk for their user experience to increase awareness about their cause.  They also wanted an outlet for the participants to have a good time, while also providing them a platform to learn about Allied Physicians Group and donating to their charity.  The balance between those two had to be met with style. We happily designed a 49"touch kiosk.

medical interactive touchscreen kiosks


We provided an interactive, 49" touch kiosk, with photo booth capabilities. This 49" touch kiosk allowed the attendees to snap some pictures and GIFs, and send them right to their email. The emails were taken and recorded for a list to track clientele as well as having the attendees keep in touch. Every photo taken was saved to the site and the 49" touch kiosk, creating a gallery of the event itself. In addition, the 49" touch kiosk were capable of receiving donations on the spot via PayPal and credit cards.

interactive medical touchscreen kiosks


For this event, we used a 49″ touch kiosk where we created software that had trivia with different games, a photo-booth where attendees can take photos that were sent directly to their emails, as well as a section where you can make donations directly to Allied Physicians Group. The night was one for the record books, as all in attendance had a wonderful time, and a record amount of money was raised for the Allied Physicians Group's charity. We are so excited and happy to see that this night was such a success and continue to wish Allied Physicians Group the best of luck in their continued fundraising efforts. Whenever we can be of service to help those in need, we welcome the opportunity.