BENY Bike Expo

New York, New York


Bike Expo, sponsored by TD Bank took a tour throughout the 5 boroughs of New York. They wanted a large digital display for people to interact with that would offer them relevant information about the bike tour. This included the schedule, food, sponsors of the event, the route, and rules and regulations of the program. That and a nice photo booth kiosk.


Popshap developed 3 interactive kiosks for BENY. Each touch screen kiosk was placed smartly around the room and had up-to-date information about the event. It exposed all the attendees to all the information they would need without needing to find a volunteer. The kiosk provided an engaging way for people to interact with BENY and take a nice picture. Each picture could be sent directly to their phone or email, which was then saved to have for marketing purposes. We actually did the event for them last year. You can check it out on the project page.


For this annual event,  a 49″ TouchScreen kiosk was used, which had software developed so that attendees could explore the agenda of what would happen at the event and, in addition to this, they incorporated a photo-booth.