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CBMA kiosk


CBMA, Campaign for Black Male Achievement, had their Rumble Young Man, Rumble event at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville KY, to honor those who have made strides of leadership in the black male community.  They reached out to Popshap to discuss ways to engage and inform their event attendees about the organization and what they stand for.



After displaying the possible options of kiosks, CBMA settled on using two 49" touch kiosks to be placed around the event floor. With our custom Popshap software, we created an interactive interface that highlighted exactly what they wanted. We developed four tabs for them on each 49" touch kiosk, two of which discuss what CBMA stands for and many events they hold.



The organization requested that the 49" touch kiosks have photo booth capabilities. We used our camera accessory to turn our regular kiosks into photobooth kiosks, where event attendees could choose custom filters and send the photos to their phones or social media. We also developed an interactive trivia game, where guests could use the 49" touch kiosks to test their knowledge about the organization. On each of the 49" Touch Kiosks, we implemented an agenda for the event through a QR code. When a user would capture the code on their phone, the schedule of events would dynamically appear on their phone, so they could take the information with them.