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March, 2021


The US-based petroleum company Citgo hired Popshap to advance their business to adapt to the digital world. As a supplier of gas, electricity, and other utility services, Citgo wanted an interactive map that could help employees digitally manage the water flow through a town. How did Popshap make this possible? With the 65” touch screen display and unique custom software.


Popshap designed a 65” touch screen display display for Citgo. We developed a custom software for Citgo employees to control the water flow throughout a town. This interactive display allowed them to open or close values which would cut the flow of water on or off, making it easier to track and manage. The software also included a feature that enabled them to leave notes, which would help fellow employees understand the status of everything.


Our 65” touch screen display was installed in a main room for quick accessibility. With our Citgo software, employees can view a detailed map with report management features allowing them to report onsite issues. The interactivity of this display improves employee communication and management.