Cognizant Investor Day NYC

Cognizant, a company that focuses on technological solutions for information technology, consulting, and business process services, was having their 2018 Investor Day. Being a technology company, they were seeking a new and innovative way to engage their prospective investors. Cognizant approached Popshap to see what options they could bring to the table.

The Solution

Cognizant discussed with the team at Popshap that since the people attending the event were potential investors, they wanted to include extra material about what the company does and their various solutions. Together we reached the agreement that using two 49” Standing Touch Kiosks would be the right path to take. Within those interactive touchscreens, using Popshap’s custom programing, our development team created tabs within the interface that gave the users the opportunity to learn more about what Cognizant does. One tab provided PDFs that highlight various case studies that further elaborate on Cognizant’s goals and achievements; a cool feature that the Popshap team added was that with a scannable QR code, users could download the PDF straight to their phones. Additionally, the 49” touchscreen Standing Touch Kiosks included another tab where event attendees could download the Cognizant app to learn more about Cognizant and the Investor Day event.


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