Demo Days by Komatsu A Month long Event with Interactive Touchscreen Displays

May 4th-26th 2023. Cartersville, GA.

touchscreen kiosks


From May 4th to May 26th, 2023, the highly anticipated Demo Days by Komatsu took place in Cartersville, GA at their Komatsu American Corp headquarters. This month-long event, featuring captivating interactive touchscreen displays, showcased Komatsu's exceptional equipment and cutting-edge technology, providing attendees with a unique and immersive experience.

touchscreen monitor


Upon entering the main lobby, attendees were greeted by two sleek 55-inch Touchscreen monitors on stands. These interactive touchscreen displays ran specialized software, offering valuable insights into Komatsu's company, logistics, and product offerings. Most notably, they highlighted Komatsu's Smart construction solutions and intelligent machine control, revolutionizing the way customers and dealers approach their operations.

standing kiosk


To further engage attendees, we provided additional touchscreen kiosks outside, adjacent to the impressive array of Komatsu's equipment available for demonstration. These interactive touchscreen displays seamlessly integrated with the event, offering the same valuable information as the monitors in the lobby. Customers and dealers had the opportunity to dive deeper into the technology, understanding its potential to transform their operations and enhance efficiency.