Digital BCG

December 2020 New York, New York

bcg-digital-ventures-office-1digital display BCG office NYC
bcg touch screenBCG-touchscreen-display
BCG interactive touch screen
BCG touch screen


BCG, a digital consulting company was looking for a cool modern way to present their information to large potential clients, so they turned to Popshap for help. Based in New York City, we partnered up with Digital BCG to create an interactive walk-through experience for new clients. Using our digital signage solutions, we installed a 84" touch screen at the entrance to welcome visitors. But that’s not all…

BCG 65 inch touch screen


BCG was looking for a way to turn static PDFs into touch screen presentations. We integrated our 65" wall-mounted touch screen with a software for the kiosks. To ensure that BCG would get everything they asked for we created a custom admin and a design that was engaging and easy to use. BCG would use this tool to onboard new clients by showing statistics and capabilities on the interactive displays. The 84" touch screen was placed at the entrance of the NYC BCG office to create a welcoming space for new and existing clients.

Interactive software for BCG screens


For this project, Popshap traveled to NYC to install a 65" wall-mounted touch screen and an 84" touch screen. Both integrated with unique software that would provide potential clients with an unforgettable experience. BCG is now able to present its information in a digitally engaging way that is sure to leave a lasting impression.