Digital Signage for Trade shows at NPA Annual Convention and Expo

September 2023. New Orleans, LA

led video wall


Popshap is delighted to have played a significant role in providing digital signage for trade shows at the NPA Annual Convention and Expo 2023. Our collaboration with the National Parking Association and T2 Systems allowed us to showcase the power of cutting-edge technology in enhancing the overall event experience. For the National Parking Association, we deployed two 49-inch stand-up touchscreen kiosks and an attention-grabbing LED video wall display. These installations not only engaged attendees but also effectively promoted the event, creating an inviting and interactive atmosphere for guests to explore.

touchscreen kiosk


For T2 Systems, we delivered a tailored digital signage solution, featuring a 49-inch stand-up kiosk with custom software designed to meet their unique needs. The custom software included an intuitive "find your solution" section, an interactive "wheel of fortune" game where guests could participate by entering their email for a chance to win exciting prizes, downloadable resources that could be easily shared via email, and a dedicated section to explore T2 Systems' hardware offerings. This comprehensive digital signage solution not only showcased T2 Systems' products and services but also facilitated seamless interactions between guests and the brand, fostering meaningful connections.

digital signage for trade shows


At Popshap, we take pride in our ability to provide cutting-edge digital signage solutions that make a lasting impact at trade shows and conventions. Our commitment to innovation and customization ensures that each project we undertake is tailored to the specific goals and requirements of our valued partners, such as the NPA and T2 Systems.