New York, New York


DSWS hosted a holiday party for their employees, to show some love and make an atmosphere that gave off the holiday joy. The party was at their headquarters in NYC on Madison Avenue. DSWS requested a kiosk with advertising and photo booth functionality. We brought over a custom display photo booth kiosk.


Popshap designed a custom 49″ holiday-themed photo booth kiosk, printer included. We wanted to help their party be more engaging and entertaining. The photo booth kiosk became a focal point of the party. Everyone had their pictures sent right to their email, texted to their phones, and or got them printed so they had something to walk out with that night.


For this holiday party, Popshap presented an interactive experience so the employees who attended can enjoy the photo-booth in our 49 Inch TouchScreen Kiosk and take a nice souvenir sent directly to their emails or phones.