touchscreen kiosk


The RSNA annual meeting is a large gathering of radiologists and other medical professionals who discuss the latest advances in radiology. Enlitic is a company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical images, and they attended the RSNA annual meeting to present their latest findings.

touch table kiosk, led video wall


AI is becoming increasingly important in the field of radiology, as it can help doctors to more quickly and accurately diagnose diseases. Enlitic's AI technology is designed to help radiologists interpret medical images more effectively. With being apart of the technology field they wanted to incorporate digital signage into their booth. So they reached out to Popshap and we provided them with:

2X49 Inch Touchscreen Kiosk (White) with 2 cameras 

1X49 Inch Touchscreen Table (White) 



 LED Title 500 x 500 

2.6 Black 35 x LED Titles

touch table


The software on the 49 inch standing touchscreen kiosk fit in perfectly with their brand image. We included a video playing at the top and 4 widget buttons below. Those widgets included a photobooth, a survey for guests, an educational section with an interactive powerpoint, and multiple PDF’s with information about Enlitic. The video walls were apart of their booth as a backdrop and had an Enlitic video playing on them. Overall with the LED video wall and standing kiosk this booth was one you didn't want to miss!