Medicarians 2024

April 8th - 10th 2024. Las Vegas, NV

wayfinding kiosk


Popshap collaborated with Medicarians to optimize their event experience through our cutting-edge event management software. With a seamless integration of technology, we equipped the event with three 43-inch table kiosks, powered by our wayfinding software. Attendees navigated the event effortlessly, thanks to interactive maps and a comprehensive list of speakers, complete with detailed descriptions. Our software also boasted a dynamic screen saver, cycling through event ads and essential information, ensuring attendees remained informed and engaged throughout the show.

digital poster


At the heart of our event management software was a suite of features designed to streamline every aspect of the event. Attendees could easily access a detailed agenda, browse through the sponsor list, and explore a comprehensive rundown of scheduled events. The interactive map with wayfinding functionality ensured that no corner of the venue was left uncharted, while LED posters strategically placed throughout the venue captivated attendees and guided them seamlessly to the conference area. With Popshap's software, every attendee was empowered to make the most of their event experience, navigating effortlessly and staying informed at every turn.

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Popshap's event management software is the cornerstone of a successful trade show event and we are proud to have helped elevate Medicarians 2024, The combination of table kiosks, event management software, and eye-catching LED posters created a cohesive and immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.