digital touch kiosks for event


Flowbird is a technology company that provides smart parking and mobility solutions for cities and organizations. Their mission is to make parking and urban mobility easier and more efficient for everyone.

They attended the Parking Industry Expo 2022 hoping to stick to their mission by providing a more efficient and easy way to display what they had to offer to the attendees. Knowing that Popshap is experienced in interactive technology they reached out for a solution.

large digital touch kiosks


Popshap provided a 49" stand up touchscreen kiosk which was perfect for the job! It allowed Flowbird to display their Park Detroit website through iframe. They could play their videos as well as showcase all section of their website. Having the 49" touchscreen brought many benefits such as increased booth traffic, an enhanced brand image and allowing staff to have higher success rates.

tradeshow touchscreen kiosk


The 49" touchscreen kiosk was a great and easy way for Flowbird to showcase their website and give examples of how to use their service. This allowed everyone to have a more pleasant and interactive experience while sticking to their mission of providing easier and more efficient solutions.