Fubo / K Mart

New York, New York


K Mart wanted to advertise for Fubo TV in their NYC store. Fubo TV is a television service that is replacing cable. Fubo is a sports-centric television service platform that allows you to watch your favorite teams and entertainment wherever you are. They were running a promotion for them and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to get the most sign ups possible. K Mart approached our experts at  Popshap for a possible solution.


Popshap designed 2 different computer kiosks to provide an answer to their problem. A 49″ interactive kiosk and a 49″ touch table, each one was placed on different floors with designated programming made to capture potential customers. Each kiosk provided information about their tv service and gave them an option to purchase the product right on site. Popshap delivered high-quality programming on high-quality digital signage to draw customers in.


For this activation of FUBO at Kmart, we used an interactive experience with two devices strategically located in the store: 49″ Touch Table and 49″ Touch Screen Kiosk to let people know about the product.