Jan 14-16 , 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada

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Houzz knew that even with a namesake and logo as recognizable as theirs, standing out in an exhibition as big as IBS/KBIS Trade Show would be difficult.  IBS/KBIS, for those that don't know, are the acronyms for International Builders Show and the Kitchen Bath Industry Show.  This event attracts more than 31,000 people and 600 exhibitors over 3 days.  Houzz approached Popshap with a need...  How do we get people's attention, and get them to give us their email address?  Easy, 49" touch kiosks!



Leaning on Popshap's history and experience in the event space, we knew that to get something, you have to give something.  We developed a “wheel of fortune” interactive gaming software that booth visitors could touch and play with on-screen, on one of our 49" touch kiosks.  Combined with the chance to win a gift, 500+ people stepped up to trade their emails, for a chance to win a prize.  The experience lived on 4 Popshap 49″ Touch kiosks and 4 iPads throughout their booth.  They also used an 80" Tv for their presentations and seminars.  Using the emails in post-marketing has been a huge success for Houzz, significantly growing their subscriber base and increasing revenue.



Popshap created custom software for Houzz VIP customers that were used on the 4 49" touch kiosks, the 4 iPads, and an 80" non-touch screen that was also used for their presentations and seminars during the event.