Innovent Creative

Orlando, FL/July 21st-23rd 2022

49 inch touchscreen kiosk
standing touchscreen kiosks
touchscreen kiosk


ThoughtSpot, which is Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s annual event connects over 5,500 attendees ranging from current customers, new customers, internal sales associates, and exhibitors. Innovent Creative partnered with Good Neighbor Pharmacy to bring together an event that represents their “United by Independence” message. To help deliver that message they reached out to Popshap. 

touchscreen standing kiosks


For this event, ThoughtSpot partnered with Innovent Creative and went with 4 x 49-inch touchscreen kiosks branded and set up with cameras spanning across the event site. We developed a unique CMS that allowed the attendees to interact and gain information about the event. On these touchscreen kiosks we included an exhibitor map and listing, a schedule of showcase events as well as a schedule for their community corner events, a photobooth and an information section. This allowed attendees to get around the event site with ease and gave them more time to worry about important conversations rather then trying to figure out where to go. 

kiosk rental


These standing touchscreen kiosks were outfitted with Good Neighbor Pharmacy and ThoughtSpot logos allowing for a seamless branded event. We added cameras as well so attendees could enjoy the photobooth and have pictures sent to their email, allowing them to remember the great time they had at the event. In the information center we included PDF’S that showed information related to ThoughtSpot such as their app, continuing education courses and marketing lab. And when the kiosks were not in use it had a beautiful welcoming screensaver urging you to select a item to learn more about!