Interactive Digital Signage at AAHOACON 2024

APRIL 2-5, 2024. Orlando, FL

standing kiosk


At AAHOACON 2024, Popshap showcased its expertise in interactive digital signage by providing tailored solutions for two esteemed clients, Avendra and Staff Pro, as well as presenting our own interactive booth. For Avendra, we installed a 43-inch standing kiosk featuring custom software designed to engage attendees. The interactive learning game allowed participants to explore Avendra's offerings and discover cost-saving products. Additionally, a selfie photobooth with custom backgrounds provided a fun element, while PDF sections offered informative collateral. To top it off, a game reminiscent of Jeopardy focused on Avendra and the hospitality industry, keeping guests entertained and informed.

led video wall booth


For Staff Pro, Popshap delivered a 43-inch table kiosk, providing a sleek and functional display to showcase the company's services and offerings. At our own booth, we went beyond the ordinary to demonstrate the power of interactive digital signage in transforming the hospitality industry. An LED video wall, LED posters, standing kiosks, and table kiosks were all meticulously set up, illustrating how digital signage can elevate guest experiences, streamline operations, and enhance brand engagement within hospitality settings.

43 inch standing kiosk


Popshap's presence at AAHOACON 2024 underscored our commitment to innovation and excellence in interactive digital signage solutions. By tailoring our offerings to the specific needs of Avendra and Staff Pro, and showcasing our capabilities at our own booth, we demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of interactive digital signage in the hospitality industry. As a trusted partner, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, helping businesses unlock new opportunities and create memorable experiences for their guests.