Interactive Digital Signage at ASNR

April 29th, May 3rd, 2023. Chicago, IL


For their annual meeting, the ASNR (American Society of Neuroradiology) sought to embrace the digital era, and PopShap delivered exceptional interactive digital signage solutions to fulfill their vision. This comprehensive setup featured 6x43" touchscreen tables, 1x49" standing kiosk, and 9x LED posters, ingeniously combined to form two smaller video walls and one expansive video wall. Strategically placed throughout the ballroom and within a dedicated lounge area, the interactive digital signage allowed ASNR to engage attendees in a captivating manner.


The kiosks, conveniently connected to the venue's Wi-Fi, presented an excellent opportunity for ASNR to test guests' neurobiology knowledge. By pulling up interactive questions, guests had a chance to participate and win exciting prizes. The kiosks featured various question formats, enabling guests to submit their answers through a web form by scanning a QR code or by sharing their responses on Twitter using the designated ASNR hashtag.

LED video wall


The engaging content displayed on the video walls, thoughtfully curated by ASNR, showcased esteemed neuroradiology doctors and individuals who had received special awards. Additionally, the large video wall served as a tribute to all the generous donors who supported ASNR's initiatives. This dynamic integration of interactive digital signage not only elevated the event experience but also provided a visually stunning platform to recognize key contributors and highlight the remarkable achievements within the field of neuroradiology.