Interactive Digital Signage at The Utility Expo 2023

interactive digital signage


Popshap played a pivotal role in enhancing The Utility Expo 2023 by providing innovative interactive digital signage solutions. Collaborating with industry leaders Wagner Smith Equipment Co and Vermeer, facilitated through our partner Skyline, we delivered a dynamic range of interactive displays, including 3 x 49-inch touch screen tables, 1 x 55-inch outdoor kiosk, and 2 x 49-inch stand-up kiosks. 

rotating kiosk


The provided software for Vermeer not only showcased their global locations but also featured a detailed equipment section categorized by utility, environmental, and pipeline applications. The Utility Expo attendees were treated to an immersive experience, exploring Vermeer's showcased products with vivid images and informative descriptions, all seamlessly presented through our interactive digital signage solutions.

interactive kiosk


At The Utility Expo 2023, Popshap revolutionized the event landscape with interactive digital signage, offering a unique and engaging way for guests to delve deeper into the showcased equipment. Elevate your event experience with Popshap's interactive digital signage, seamlessly blending technology and information for an unforgettable showcase.