Interactive Digital Signage at Work Truck Week 2024

March 3-8, 2024. Indianapolis, IN


Work Truck Week 2024 witnessed a revolutionary shift in trade show dynamics with the integration of interactive digital signage. Among the standout exhibitors, Popshap delivered cutting-edge solutions to elevate the presence of two prominent clients: Palfinger and Certusoft, Inc.


At the heart of Popshap's offerings lay interactive digital signage, seamlessly integrated into the booths of Palfinger and Certusoft, Inc. For Palfinger, five strategically placed digital posters showcased their diverse machinery offerings, captivating attendees with vivid visuals and engaging content. Complementing this, a hanging LED cube proudly displayed Palfinger's logo, acting as a beacon amidst the bustling trade show floor. Meanwhile, Certusoft leveraged a 49-inch table touchscreen kiosk, providing guests with an immersive experience to explore essential company information, further enhancing their brand visibility and engagement.


Popshap's innovative use of interactive digital signage empowered Palfinger and Certusoft, Inc. to captivate audiences, foster meaningful interactions, and leave a lasting impression in the competitive landscape of industry exhibitions. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, the role of interactive digital signage emerges as a cornerstone in shaping unforgettable brand experiences.