Forge Biologics at ASGCT 2024

May 7-11, 2024. Baltimore, MD

digital signage booth


Popshap collaborated with Eclipse Exhibits to provide cutting-edge interactive digital signage for the Forge Biologics booth, significantly enhancing their exhibition experience. This state-of-the-art digital signage setup included an impressive LED video wall, a sleek table kiosk, and strategically placed vertical monitors. The LED video wall was a standout feature, prominently displayed behind the welcome table, immediately capturing the attention of booth visitors with branded videos and dynamic content. This eye-catching display was just the beginning of the interactive experiences available at the booth.

interactive digital signage


The interactive digital signage extended beyond visual appeal, incorporating custom software that Popshap designed specifically for Forge Biologics. This software, showcased on both the touch monitors and the table kiosk, featured an engaging interactive game. This game was not just a source of entertainment; it also served as a valuable lead retrieval tool, collecting visitor information in an engaging and unobtrusive manner. By merging fun with functionality, the interactive game ensured that visitors left a lasting impression and provided valuable data for Forge Biologics to follow up on potential leads.

led video wall


Overall, the interactive digital signage provided by Popshap was a pivotal addition to the Forge Biologics booth. The combination of the LED video wall, interactive touch monitors, and custom software created an immersive environment that drew visitors in and kept them engaged. This integration of technology not only made the booth stand out but also facilitated a deeper connection between Forge Biologics and its audience, showcasing the brand's innovative spirit and commitment to interactive, customer-centric experiences