Interactive Kiosk Software for KSB SupremeServ

February 21-23, 2023. FL

interactive booth


Popshap has provided interactive kiosk software for KSB SupremeServ, who currently own two of our 49 inch standup kiosks, at multiple events. Recently, Popshap provided software updates for those standup kiosks for KSB SupremeServ at Powergen International 2023, which included eight different widgets and a variety of content.

touchscreen kiosk


The updated interactive kiosk software included a number of different sections, each dedicated to a specific topic related to KSB SupremeServ. The "about KSB" section provides general information about the company, while the "reverse engineering" section highlights their engineering capabilities. The "hydrogen" section focuses on KSB's work in the field of hydrogen production and the "SES diagnostics" section showcases their SES diagnostic systems. Additionally, there is a gallery of KSB images, a section for videos, a photobooth, and an iframe that links directly to their website. All of these sections work together to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of KSB's services and capabilities.

interactive kiosk


Overall, Popshap's interactive kiosk software has helped KSB SupremeServ to better engage with their customers and showcase their products and services. The kiosks are easy to use, visually appealing, and provide visitors with an immersive experience that highlights KSB's expertise. With their updated software and ongoing maintenance, Popshap continues to provide top-notch service to their clients and help them to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation.