Interactive Kiosks at BeyondTrust 2023

Houston, TX, December 2023.


Popshap took the interactive experience to the next level at BeyondTrust's exclusive event on December 6th. We curated an engaging setup featuring 1 x 49-inch stand-up interactive kiosk, 1 x 32-inch table interactive kiosk, each proudly displaying the BeyondTrust logo, and complemented by 4 attention-grabbing LED digital posters.


In our commitment to streamline event processes, we introduced a check-in software for the table interactive kiosks, offering registered guests a hassle-free experience. A QR code scanner simplified the check-in process, allowing attendees to scan their personalized QR code, eliminating the need for manual input and long lines.


For the standing interactive kiosk, we designed a captivating software interface that showcased an event-themed video at the top and four interactive buttons below. Attendees could delve into a "Learn More" section, accessing various PDFs shareable directly to their email. The "How to Implement" feature enabled guests to schedule personal consultations with different vendors, enhancing networking opportunities. To add a touch of fun, we included two playful buttons—a themed photobooth and a raffle—ensuring a dynamic and entertaining experience for all event participants.