Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks at Imex 2023

shepard booth, interactive touchscreen kiosks


Popshap took interactive experiences to the next level at IMEX 2023 by providing cutting-edge interactive touchscreen kiosks to five distinct companies. In collaboration with our partner Shepard, we delivered a comprehensive solution, including one 55-inch touchscreen monitor, a 43-inch touchscreen monitor, and a 49-inch stand-up kiosk. These interactive kiosks were equipped with custom software featuring four buttons: corporate, exhibits, audiovisual, and an enticing "enter to win" option, enhancing Shepard's booth with engaging content and functionality.

LED video wall


CSI DMC benefited from our expertise with two double-sided interactive touchscreen kiosks, each adorned with vinyl logos and custom software. The software showcased a photobooth and a spin-to-win feature, amplifying CSI DMC's interactive presence. Meanwhile, Memphis Tourism embraced our innovation with a seamlessly integrated large LED video wall that seamlessly complemented their booth design, offering a visually stunning addition to their exhibit.

Touchscreen kiosk


ASM Global leveraged Popshap's capabilities by incorporating an LED video wall, two 49-inch interactive touchscreen table kiosks featuring vinyl logos, and custom software. This software provided valuable information about their locations worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It also included a link to their website and an embedded PDF showcasing the venues they've successfully managed in these regions. Lastly, our collaboration extended to The Deondo Company, where we introduced Nook Event Pods with a 43-inch stand-up kiosk and a 27-inch monitor mounted inside. This addition created a tranquil space within the Nook Pod, ideal for demos and conversations.