Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks at PCMA

interactive touchscreen table kiosk


At PCMA Convening Leaders, Popshap took center stage in the tech playground by strategically placing four interactive touchscreen kiosks at each corner. This setup featured a dynamic combination of two 49-inch standing kiosks and two 43-inch table kiosks, each adorned with vinyl logos. Our commitment to creating an immersive experience extended to the development of custom software for these interactive kiosks.

interactive toucshreen standing kiosk


The software on the interactive touchscreen kiosks played a pivotal role in enhancing the event experience. It provided attendees with a detailed agenda for the tech playground, enabling them to stay informed about the various activities and upcoming events. A dedicated section within the software highlighted the nine companies participating in the Tech Playground, offering detailed information, videos, PDFs, website links, and more for each company. The software also facilitated sign-ups for the AI Battle hosted by PCMA and featured a section dedicated to Pittsburgh, further enriching the overall engagement.

interactive kiosks


Deploying our interactive touchscreen kiosks at the tech playground proved instrumental in fostering interaction and knowledge acquisition. These kiosks served as a central component for accessing the event agenda and gaining insights into the showcased companies. By seamlessly integrating technology and education, Popshap played a key role in creating an enriching experience for all attendees.