KSB SupremeServ at Turbomachinery and Pump Symposium 2022

Spet 13-15, 22. Houston,TX.

kiosk with software


A division of KSB called KSB SupremeServ was established to offer comprehensive solutions for their clients' infrastructure and industrial projects. By introducing new technologies, leveraging cutting edge technology, and ensuring the quality of their goods, they provide the best. They attended The Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium 2022 conference and came back to Popshap to provide them with digital signage. 

49" touchscreen kiosk


The goal was to provide an interactive way for their guests to learn more about their company and we had just the thing! Popshap came through with two 49" stand-up kiosks, which were ideal for welcoming visitors and providing them with the enhanced, interactive experience KSB SupremeServ had requested. Popshap developed specialized software for those kiosks that had 9 different tabs and displayed all the information KSB could imagine. It featured two alternative "about" pages, a gallery of steel images, case studies, information on boilers and condensate pumps, videos, and a website.

49" kiosk


KSB SupremeServ utilized 2 49" stand-up kiosks at the Powergen International Convention. To provide additional fun for the attendees, the Popshap team also created an interactive photo booth. We intended to provide a simple approach for the visitor to access the information displayed on the nine various tabs. We added a button to some tabs that would enable users to receive the information through email.