Lilly Diabetes

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Lilly Diabetes is a global pharmaceutical company that has been helping the public for over a century.  The goal of the company is to give life-changing medicines to those who are in need and to better inform the general public about understanding and managing diseases.  The company had a booth set up at a recent trade show for medical professionals and was looking for a way to interactively show their medical capabilities to event attendees.



Lilly Diabetes reached out to Popshap to see what ideas we had to make their company and booth stand out. After collaborating, we decided that using one 49” touch kiosk would best convey the necessary information. Our development team used our custom Popshap software to create interactive tabs that would inform event attendees about the company and the product. We also developed a trivia game to test the guest’s knowledge about the industry and product. Additionally, to further engage with the event attendees, we attached a camera to the 49” touch kiosk to utilize the photo booth function so guests can take a piece of the company home with them.  Overall the booth was a huge success; dozens of people came to learn about the company and interact with our digital 49" touch kiosk.



Custom software was utilized in our photo booth function, so guests could take a piece of the company home with them using our 49” touch kiosk photobooth.