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Mayo Clinic


Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is the world’s leading healthcare facility.  In the past year, we’ve helped their digital efforts and created a better, more informed patient experience throughout the Rochester campus.   With emphasis on way-finding tools and patient/employee video testimonials, Popshap has made the impossible, possible.  Together, Mayo Clinic and Popshap continue to cultivate their relationship, and continue to keep the patient’s experience first and foremost with the use of Popshap’s touch table capabilities.


What started with a simple employee memoirs video content system, has evolved into an all in content system, and way finding software using more than 10 interactive touch tables in different sizes and formats.  The past year was a learning experience in this new digital age challenge for Mayo Clinic, where putting the patient experience above all was the priority.  The touch tables are spread in every building in order to serve the large amount of daily visitors that the Mayo Clinic receives.  The analytics also show it, with the average daily use being over 1200 clicks and growing.


At Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, it has multiple touch table units fitted with dedicated software, developed with the patients and visitors in mind, so that they can have an interactive experience regarding the establishment and the services offered in that location.