NuWave Botanicals - Interactive touchscreen kiosks

standing touchscreen kiosk rental
49 inch interactive touchscreen kiosk


NuWave Botanicals is on a mission to spread the power of Kratom far and wide. And what better way to do that than with a giant, interactive touchscreen kiosk? That's right - at White Label World Expo, NuWave Botanicals will be using Popshap’s touchscreen kiosk to educate visitors about their products and brand.


Popshap knew that a touch screen would be the best way to engage guests and provide them with a unique experience, so NuWave went with a 49” touchscreen kiosk. We designed a software with multiple interactive features that allowed guests to view products and engage in interactive games. The kiosk featured a gallery, wheel of fortune, photo booth and contact form. These features helped create an engaging and fun environment for guests while also providing valuable information about NuWave’s products. Plus, these games are a great way to collect leads from guests as well. 


For this event, Popshap developed their customized interface software on the 49 touchscreen kiosk. The displays were a success, and the guests loved the interactive games. This kiosk immediately grabbed the attention of NuWaves Booth visitors and helped create a fun and interactive environment.