Optify Online - 49 inch Interactive touchscreen

digital touch kiosk for rent


Optify Online is leading the industry with omnichannel software. They allow companies and individuals to sell their inventory online while building and improving relationships with patients and increasing revenue. They attended the OAA Leadership Conference 2022 in Buena Vista, Florida and wanted a way to stand out from the other exhibitors while showing off their eye-catching website. That's when they contacted Popshap.

digital touch kiosk rental


To showcase Optify Online's website and help bring an interactive element to their booth we provided a 49" touchscreen kiosk that is Wi-Fi enabled. We were able to display their website as well as give the attendees the opportunity to view and schedule demos straight from the kiosk.

trade show digital touch kiosk rental


Having and interactive touch kiosk was very important to Optify Online. The kiosk immediately grabs your attention while educating the attendees, capturing leads and creating a fun experience for everyone.