Organizer Software at Thought Spot 2023


At Thought Spot 2023, Popshap delivered cutting-edge organizer software that enhanced the overall event experience. We provided a comprehensive suite of services, featuring three 49" standing touchscreens, each equipped with a camera and a vinyl logo. These interactive kiosks were strategically placed to offer attendees a multitude of important show details.

touchscreen kiosk


Our organizer software left no stone unturned, offering attendees a seamless and intuitive event navigation experience. With an exhibitor map and interactive wayfinding, attendees could effortlessly locate their favorite exhibitors and explore the event space. The showcase schedule and marketing lab schedule ensured that everyone stayed on top of exciting sessions and presentations. For those eager to continue their education journey, a dedicated section provided access to essential materials. And in the spirit of modern connectivity, we even included a button to download the Thought Spot app, making it easier than ever for guests to stay connected and informed. To add a touch of fun to the event, our software also featured a selfie section, allowing attendees to capture memorable moments and share them with their networks.


At Popshap, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating technology to elevate events, and we were thrilled to be a part of Thought Spot 2023. Our goal is to make every event experience not only informative but also enjoyable, and working with Thought Spot allowed us to do just that. We look forward to continuing to provide organizer software that will enhance event experiences for years to come.