Palm Tree Music Festival - Outdoor Touchscreen Kiosk

55 inch outdoor touch kiosk


Before attending the biggest music festivals in the country, Route found it challenging to stand out in an outdoor setting. With thousands of guests, the event was set to present Route with a significant chance to showcase its offerings. Therefore, they got in touch with Popshap with the goal of drawing people to their brand and generating interest with an interactive product catalog and more. We listened and developed an answer. 55-inch outdoor touchscreen kiosks with interactivity. 

outdoor touch screen kiosk


We created game software for the 55" outdoor interactive touchscreen kiosks with Popshap's retail experience and knowledge of digital displays in order to help Route achieve its objectives. With the help of our interactive software, visitors may enter their email addresses, spin the wheel, and win prizes. People lined up to see the interactive catalog since it was so popular. We also included a structure that allowed visitors to browse the brand's website, follow them on social media, and discover more about them with just a click. Without a doubt, it was a success.

outdoor touch kiosk


In accordance with their request, the outdoor interactive kiosk stationed on the beach complemented the brand. Customers were lining up for more of the interactive experience that Popshap's proprietary software for the 55" outdoor interactive touchscreen kiosks generated.