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At their next trade show, they were seeking for a way to stand out in a way that would attract visitors' attention. They then engaged Popshap due to their expertise in designing eye-catching digital displays for trade shows. Their goals were to draw people to their booth, show off their designs, and generate leads. How did Popshap fare at that time? Let’s just say it includes a 49" interactive touch table.


Popshap's expertise in creating digital displays for trade shows and events helped Retainer Club. We were aware that the best strategy for luring people to a trade show booth is an interactive experience. Based on this data, we created interactive software for their touch table kiosks that provided users with a "wheel of fate" game to keep them entertained. People lined up to enter their emails, spin the wheel, and maybe win goodies like a Retainer Club sway.


At their booth, one of our 49" interactive touch tables was on full display, and others could be seen at dealer booths all across the fair. For Site Zeus, we built one-of-a-kind custom designs and software with features that represent the brand's image. We approach every project as an original.