SECO 2024 Enhanced with Popshap's Digital Wayfinding Kiosks


Popshap played a pivotal role in enhancing attendee experience at SECO 2024 by providing digital wayfinding kiosks. Our deployment included four 49-inch touchscreen kiosks and one 49-inch rotating kiosk strategically placed throughout the venue, making navigation around the show effortless for attendees. These kiosks were equipped with custom software, offering comprehensive wayfinding features, show agendas, speaker details, and a wealth of other crucial show information, ensuring that attendees were well-informed and could maximize their time at the event.


In addition to digital wayfinding kiosks, Popshap also provided a 32-inch charging station at SECO 2024. This charging station not only allowed guests to stay connected and charged throughout the event but also served as an information hub, providing access to show updates, schedules, and essential announcements.


Overall, Popshap's digital solutions at SECO 2024 showcased our commitment to enhancing event experiences through innovative technology. By offering digital wayfinding, comprehensive show information, and convenient charging facilities, we contributed to a smoother and more enjoyable experience for attendees, ultimately adding value to the event and leaving a positive impression on participants.