Show Management Kiosks at Seafood Expo North America 2024

MARCH 10-12, 2024. Boston, MA

touchscreen table kiosk


Popshap proudly supplied our cutting-edge show management kiosks for Seafood Expo North America 2024. With the expo boasting an impressive lineup of 30 educational sessions led by top seafood industry experts and drawing over 18,900 seafood professionals, having efficient digital wayfinding and a user-friendly agenda was paramount to the event's success.

interactive kiosk


Our contribution included six 43-inch show management kiosks, each meticulously designed with the expo's logo and integrated with custom software. This software featured a comprehensive map with interactive wayfinding capabilities, a detailed exhibitor list, a conference program agenda, and a dedicated section for special events hosted during the expo.

digital wayfinding kiosk


Strategically placed across the show floor, our show management kiosks provided attendees with seamless access to all essential show information. We were thrilled to play a part in enhancing the Seafood Expo North America experience with our digital signage solutions and tailored software, ensuring attendees could navigate the event with ease and make the most out of their visit.