Show Management Software at Grocery Shop 2023

September, 2023. Las Vegas, NV

touchscreen table kiosk


Popshap proudly partnered with Grocery Shop for the second consecutive year, offering cutting-edge show management software to enhance their event. In addition to the software, we provided four 43-inch table kiosks as the hardware platform on which our show management software operated seamlessly. Our software was carefully designed to deliver a comprehensive event experience, offering attendees access to a well-organized agenda, an interactive map with wayfinding capabilities, detailed information on scheduled activities, speaker profiles, and a dedicated section highlighting the event's valuable sponsorships. To add a personal touch, our table kiosks featured vinyl logos, reinforcing the branding and identity of Grocery Shop.

LED video tower


To further elevate the event's appeal, we supplied two impressive LED towers that acted as informative beacons, showcasing essential details about the show and, in particular, the available meeting rooms. This not only enhanced the overall experience for attendees but also facilitated easy navigation and engagement with the event's offerings.

digital wayfinding


Our commitment to providing show management software and hardware solutions demonstrates our dedication to making each event a seamless and memorable experience for both organizers and attendees. Grocery Shop can count on Popshap to deliver outstanding event technology solutions year after year.