Show Management Software at SECO

Feb 27 – Mar 2nd. Orlando, FL

touchscreen kiosk


Popshap’s show management software has helped many companies to enhance their trade show experience and SECO was no exception. Popshap provided SECO with 4 x 49-inch standing touchscreen kiosks and 1 x 49-inch rotating kiosk. These kiosks were equipped with Popshap's show management software, which included a photobooth, floorplan with digital wayfinding, and a schedule of events for the show. With these kiosks, SECO was able to provide its visitors with a personalized and engaging experience that helped them navigate the event and stay informed about the schedule of events.

charging station


In addition to the standing touchscreen kiosks, Popshap also provided a charging kiosk with a screen that had sponsorships playing. This allowed guests to charge their devices while enjoying the sponsorships and preparing for the show. The rotating kiosk had videos playing for guests, which further enhanced the experience and kept visitors engaged. Popshap's show management software helped SECO to create an immersive environment that left a lasting impression on visitors.

interactive kiosk


Overall, Popshap's show management software is a game-changer for trade shows and events. The software helped SECO to provide an interactive and engaging experience for their visitors, which helps to build brand awareness and generate leads. With its customized solutions, Popshap can help companies to stand out from the crowd and make the most out of their trade show experience.