Long Island, New York

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SHRM-LI had a tradeshow for human resource professionals and companies to collaborate on ideas and work.  There was a schedule of keynote speakers throughout the show.  They asked us to create a simple engaging display, informing their audience about the schedule of the show.  We were happy to assist them and their needs using one of our 49" touch kiosk displays.



Popshap designed a beautiful digital poster display, using our 49" touch kiosk, that scrolled through the speakers of the day with information about each orator.  Attendees were up to date on the day’s schedule so they could make sure to attend the speakers they wanted to see and hear.  Being able to place everything on the 49" touch kiosk, allowed for all pertinent information to be displayed in an easy to find, centralized location, allowing all attendees to know exactly what is going on and where throughout the day.



For the SHRM event, we used our 49" touch kiosks where attendees were able to see the agenda that would take place during the event. Streamlining all the information to one centralized and easy to use 49" touch kiosk, made for a wonderful experience for all involved.  SHRM's needs were met and they were extremely satisfied with the results. We thank them for the opportunity and look forward to the next event.