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Swap The Biz had a great idea: how to optimize and deepen the experience of networking. Their goal was to increase the potential for real relationships as opposed to just mechanically swapping business cards. They wanted the best networking event advantages available. Enter Popshap. We provided an informational 49" touch kiosk to their event. The results were absolutely mind blowing.



At a networking event, the ability to combine advertising with a customized 49" touch kiosk, with photobooth capabilities provided an additional opportunity for all in attendance to mingle and to broadcast the Swap the Biz brand. Popshap’s presentation of the 49" touch kiosk photobooth exceeded expectations. Memories were made, business relationships formed, and networking was at an all-time high. We'd say that makes for a pretty productive day at the office.



This was an innovative experience for a networking event, as something like this was new to the industry. Swap The Biz used our  49" touch kiosk, featuring a photo booth option with a customized Swap The Biz frame around the images. The photos were then sent to the user's email or phone, resulting in another way to network and exchange information. Swap The Biz is changing the way that networking events are done, and we're happy to be a part of it. We're excited to see where this goes, and look forward to meeting many more patrons at Swap The Biz' next event.