T2 Systems - IMPI22

New Orleans, LA. July 24- July 27, 2022.

49 inch touchscreen kiosk


At the Parking and Mobility Conference (IMPI), T2 Systems was looking for a way to stand out from the competition while bringing something interactive to the event. T2 Systems provides the most comprehensive parking management software in the industry, from web-based applications and mobile apps to in-vehicle technology and enforcement solutions. T2's attendance at IMPI allowed them to share their parking management expertise with other industry professionals and find new ways to improve their products and services. To achieve their goal of standing out from the rest they came back to Popshap for a second time.

standing kiosk rental


Today the visitor experience is more than just a welcome desk and a few signs. It’s about providing an experience that will leave them with a lasting impression, and ideally drive them back again. All operators want their visitors to leave their properties feeling engaged, informed, and inspired. That’s where Popshap comes in. We provided T2 Systems with two 49” touchscreen kiosks decked out with their vinyl logo, wifi and software. That software included a Find your Solution section, a resource section, a explore our hardware section, and a Wheel of Fortune game to add an extra bit of fun! Guests could add their email address, spin the wheel, and then win prizes provided by T2 Systems!

touchscreen kiosk


We're proud to have helped T2 Systems capture their unique brand identity through custom software and design features that are one-of-a-kind. These aspects really make T2 Systems stand out from the competition. The results were impressive - T2 Systems reported increased traffic to their booth, more qualified leads, and higher satisfaction with their trade show experience overall. We're thrilled to have played a part in making T2 Systems look so good!