Baltimore, MD. July 17th-23rd 2022.

non touch monitor


The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) is considered one of the most prestigious and well-known machine learning conferences. The conference has been held annually since 1998 and brings together top researchers, programmers, and data analysts from all over the world each year to present their latest research, share ideas, and collaborate on common challenges. This year, ICML had over 2,300 attendees from more than 50 countries. To make it easier for its guests to register, ICML decided to implement Popshap's technology. 

49 inch touchscreen kiosk


Creating a perfect user experience is the key to making any event successful. For that reason Popshap provided the ICML with a wide range of products; one 49” touchscreen kiosk, two 49” non-touchscreen kiosks, four 75” monitors and one 43” touch table. To help visitors better navigate the ICML, we created a digital interactive experience that utilized those touchscreen kiosks in registration and monitors throughout the venue. The registration process was simple, all you had to do was scan a QR code. The monitors and touchscreen kiosks also provided an overview of the sessions as well as a schedule. 

touchscreen kiosk for registration


Popshap's digital signage solutions have helped ICMA to streamline their registration process and create a user-friendly experience for visitors before they even enter the venue. Popshap's easy-to-use interface has allowed ICMA to register visitors quickly and efficiently while also providing them with all the information they need to know before entering the event. We look forward to providing more touchscreen solutions in the future!