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The Modern Groom

July 7, 2021
Scottsdale, Arizona


Buying a suit for a special occasion should be a fun experience, however most times it’s waiting in long lines and trying on dozens of suits until you find the right one. The Modern Groom is a fast growing virtual suit store in Arizona, their main focus is to create a great customer experience. Their goal now is to expand the suit buying experience to multiple bridal stores, which is why they contacted Popshap.


Popshap’s interactive kiosks were the perfect solution for The Modern Groom to display their unique experience. We created a software that allowed users to build and customize the perfect suit for their big day. We installed our 49″ interactive kiosk at a bridal shop called Luv Bridal in Arizona, visitors no longer had to wait in long lines to try on suits. Instead, they can use the kiosks to customize a suit using our interactive software. From style to color a virtual stylist will walks users through the process. Once your custom suit is built they can schedule a time on the kiosk to try on the suit. It’s an efficient and innovative way to make shopping for your big day interactive and fun.


So far, Popshap has one 49″ interactive kiosk installed at a bridal shop. However, The Modern Groom has already contacted Popshap for 5 more kiosks to be displayed at various bridal shops. With the kiosks and custom software, the suit buying experience is reaching new and innovative lengths.