Touchscreen Digital Signage at International CES 2024


We're thrilled to share our latest venture at International CES 2024 where Popshap, in collaboration with our partner Think 360, brought touchscreen digital signage to 2 booths. Our mission? To infuse technology and interactivity into these exhibits, creating memorable experiences for visitors.


For Etiya the smaller booth layout, we introduced a 27-inch touchscreen digital signage kiosk. Its compact design proved to be a perfect fit, allowing the exhibitor to showcase their brand in an engaging and informative manner. Visitors were treated to a dynamic display of company information and branded content, all at their fingertips.


At the Togg booth, we went all out, equipping them with two 32-inch touchscreen digital signage kiosks and three LED posters. These attention-grabbing LED posters, strategically positioned around their spacious exhibit, welcomed guests with a vibrant display and a QR code, encouraging further exploration. Meanwhile, the kiosks served as interactive hubs, providing visitors with comprehensive information about the Togg brand and its offerings.