Touchscreen kiosks at Hilton All Suites and Focused Leadership Conference 2023

standing kiosk


Popshap played a pivotal role in enhancing Hilton's Hilton All Suites and Focused Leadership Conference 2023 by providing a range of touchscreen kiosks. We provided a 49-inch stand-up kiosk and a 55-inch table kiosk, accompanied by custom software tailored to Hilton's specific needs. This software featured a diverse array of interactive elements, such as a raffle for the chance to win a gift card, a PDF section that provided comprehensive information about Hilton's offerings, an iFrame integration connecting attendees to the Hilton website, and a dedicated section for connecting with Hilton directly.

touchscreen kiosk


At the core of our contribution to the Hilton All Suites and Focused Leadership Conference 2023 was the 49-inch stand-up kiosk, a beacon of information and engagement. Coupled with the 55-inch table kiosk, these interactive stations became information hubs, offering attendees a seamless way to access critical details and connect with Hilton. 

large table kiosk


The addition of custom software added depth to the experience, allowing participants to enter the raffle for enticing prizes, peruse the PDF section to learn more about Hilton's offerings, and connect with Hilton through a dedicated interface. These touchscreen kiosks not only enriched the event experience but also provided Hilton with valuable leads, demonstrating the power of innovative technology in enhancing event outcomes.