Touchscreen Kiosks at Southwest Showcase 2023

Round Rock, TX. January 27, 2023

digital signage at shepard booth


This year at The Southwest Showcase, Popshap provided touchscreen kiosks for our partner Shepard who had a booth at the show.

The Southwest Showcase 2023 is an event hosted by professionals from several industries such as hospitality, hotels, casinos, convention centers, event organizers, service providers, AVl companies, corporate, entertainment and more. It is designed to provide a platform for businesses, government entities, and corporations to showcase their products and services to the public.

standing touchscreen kiosk


The Popshap 49 inch touchscreen kiosks offered an innovative way for customers to explore Shepard’s products and services, with easy navigation  and a user-friendly interface. We also provided branded software for this event. With that software guests could interact and learn more about the brand, products and services offered. Also included was a large gallery of photos, and a trivia game.

touchscreen kiosk interaction


Ultimately, the touchscreen kiosks allowed Shepard to engage visitors in a way that was both informative and entertaining and, most importantly, convenient for the customer. 

The Southwest Showcase 2023 was a great success and Popshap is proud to have been a part of it. Our standing touchscreen kiosks provided our partner, Shepard, the ability to engage visitors in a way that was both informative, entertaining and, most importantly, convenient for the customer. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to our partners in the future.