Zillow at TAA One Expo

April 24-26, 2024. San Antonio, TX

touchscreen kiosks for exhibitors


Popshap delivered a standout experience for exhibitor Zillow at the TAA One Expo by providing two cutting-edge 55-inch touchscreen kiosks for exhibitors. These touchscreen kiosks not only showcased Zillow's brand prominently with vinyl logos but also featured custom software tailored to align seamlessly with the company's branding and objectives. One of the highlights of the software was an interactive game designed specifically for Zillow, comprising four engaging levels that mirrored the renter's journey.

interactive software


The interactive game proved to be a strategic asset for Zillow, as it not only engaged attendees but also served as a valuable lead generation tool. At the outset, players were prompted to enter their information, enabling Zillow to collect crucial leads for follow-up purposes. As participants progressed through each level of the game, they encountered questions and scenarios related to the rental process, allowing the Zillow team to assess their knowledge and engagement level effectively.

touchscreen kiosk software


Throughout the expo, participants eagerly engaged with the touchscreen kiosks, immersing themselves in the interactive game designed by Popshap. The competitive element added an extra layer of excitement, with participants vying to achieve the highest scores and claim victory. By leveraging the power of touchscreen technology and custom software, Popshap enabled Zillow to captivate expo attendees, enhance brand visibility, and gather valuable leads, ultimately contributing to the success of their exhibition at TAA One Expo.