Touchscreen Technology at G2E


Popshap showcased its cutting-edge touchscreen technology, leaving a lasting impact on attendees at G2E. Teaming up with our partner Think360, we delivered an unparalleled experience to Evolution by providing a dynamic setup, including a large video wall and 20 state-of-the-art 55-inch touchscreen monitors. Mounted with precision using brackets, Evolution's booth became a hub of interactivity, captivating visitors and setting a new standard for engaging exhibitions.


Our commitment to elevating exhibitor experiences extended to Geocomply, where we supplied four 49-inch standing kiosks. Adorned with eye-catching vinyl logos, these kiosks featured custom software developed by the Popshap team. The software seamlessly guided visitors through Geocomply's process, covering discovery, onboarding, gameplay, and payments. Each stage was thoughtfully presented on four cards, with distinct sections for deeper exploration.


Furthermore, Smartsoft benefited from our expertise, receiving two 32-inch touchscreen monitors expertly mounted on booth walls with brackets. The overall impact of our touchscreen technology propelled these three companies to new heights, delivering an immersive and educational experience for booth visitors.