Trade Show Digital Signage at HIMSS 2024


At HIMSS 2024, Popshap provided trade show digital signage solutions for four clients - Enlitic, Surescripts, Amtelco, and B-online - covering a wide range of display options. From standing touchscreen kiosks to table kiosks with custom software integration and a breathtaking LED video wall, our offerings transformed the event landscape.


Each booth at HIMSS 2024 benefitted from the infusion of trade show digital signage, adding sophistication and interactivity to the exhibits. With our solutions, Enlitic, Surescripts, Amtelco, and B-online seamlessly integrated digital displays into their presentations, enhancing visitor engagement and making a lasting impression.


By leveraging our cutting-edge trade show digital signage solutions, Popshap empowered Enlitic, Surescripts, Amtelco, and B-online to enhance their presence at HIMSS 2024. Through seamless communication and interaction facilitated by our displays, we ensured that these companies stood out amidst the crowd, transforming their trade show experiences into extraordinary showcases of technological prowess and creativity.