Trade Show Digital Signage at HR Tech 2023

October 2023, Las Vegas.

mounted touchscreen


At HR Tech 2023, Popshap showcased its expertise in trade show digital signage by delivering tailored solutions for HiBob and Experian, in collaboration with our partner Skyline. For HiBob, we seamlessly integrated 2x 32-inch horizontal touchscreens, 2x 43-inch vertical touchscreens. 1 x 49-inch standing double sided kiosk and 1 75-inch touchscreen into their booth, providing a dynamic display for their interactive software.

touchscreen table


 Experian, on the other hand, received a striking trade show digital signage setup featuring a 55-inch touch screen table adorned with a vinyl logo and custom software. This software not only reflected Experian's brand identity but also incorporated engaging videos illustrating their portfolio, including onboarding, ongoing processes, and offboarding, along with dedicated sections for partners and brand information.

double sided kiosk


Popshap took trade show experiences to the next level at HR Tech 2023, providing HiBob and Experian with cutting-edge trade show digital signage solutions. Attendees were treated to an immersive journey through Experian's portfolio, and were fully interactive with HiBobs booth decked out in trade show digital signage.